Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Little More Detail of Elite Worlds Course.

Like I promised, well ok mentioned on Twitter (@swikles) here are some more pictures of the Elite CX Worlds course. This time I walked around much more of the course. I'm not sure but this may be the last set of photos I can take before I'm on duty at the Master's course working with Sram NRS on Tuesday. These were all taken today 27th January 2013. Yes I will take my camera with me when working with Sram Neutral Race Support but when my toolbox is open I tend to be a little too busy (read: occupied with riders and races) to be a shutter bug.

Sure hope you like these, feel free to let me know.

The first four are to show the part of the course that still have water/ice located between the flyover and the levee bank near the rock steps.

I thought this would turn out to be a cool shot. The steps are on the right, this is looking backwards of the course direction.

Same backwards direction from lower point of view.

The course was supposed to be closed to riding it today except for a media thing or two.

The next eleven shots are all from atop of the flyover. Don't tell the guy that put up that sign. 

Welcome distinguished guest.

Looks huge when there isn't anybody in there.

This is the first 180 sweeper on course.

Libation station.

 VIP entrance on the river side.

Private tents.

VIP tent on left, private tents on right looking towards the River Roan and the start.

The cheap seats.

The necessary seats.

Now I am over on the side of the course near the creak that runs along the west side of Eva Bandman Park.

Hopefully the 60 degrees F (18ish C) early next week will help all this go away.

Off camber section. The riders will head towards you on the left side and ride away on the right.

See what I mean?

This is the part just before the off camber stuff.

Looking in the opposite direction of the off camber part.

Pay no attention to the man on the other side of the barricades...

Kinda wish I was a better blogger before I started posting this. Oh well it's the effort that counts. I know that those interested appreciate this, some have found me and expressed just that.

Glad to do it, Barney

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